Welcome to Ace Auction Company

As a young boy I grew up around my uncle’s old country store and soon developed a love for advertising items. Among my favorite were gas, oil, and soda advertising. I also enjoyed collecting ball cards, hot wheel, and matchbox cars. From muscle cars as a teen to antique furniture and pottery as an adult I soon developed a  passion for buying, selling and trading. I have now turned a life long hobby into living the dream of being an auctioneer. I have found that I get as much enjoyment from seeing other people buying treasures as I do buying them myself.

Ace Auction Company is located in Rutherford County which is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Traders, pickers, and collectors alike have harvested some of the finest antiques, folk art, and pottery money can buy from North Carolina estate auctions.  Ace Auction is proud to service many of those counties in the foothills, mountains, and Piedmont regions of North Carolina.

We specialize in on sight auctions and in some cases we combine estates. Ace Auction understands everyone does not have large estates to sell and by combining smaller estates we enable our customers the opportunity to have their items sold at an estate auction. Our estate auctions offer from the common box lots to the best of vintage and antique treasures. There are those who have visited our auctions that think our toy and advertisement auctions are among the best and there are others who deem our costume jewelry, pottery, and furniture sales as the best.

Special thanks to a long time family friend, Bill Ford for the use of the Sinclair Gas Station picture on the top of each page. This picture is a part of my childhood and it is an honor to add it to my website. This building was once located facing North Washington Street in Rutherfordton. Today the Rutherford County Jail is on this same piece of property. I don’t remember it being a Sinclair but I do remember it being a Gulf gas station in the early 60’s. The big orange Gulf sign and old crank handle pumps will forever be etched in my mind. Perhaps this is another reason I love gas and oil advertising today.